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View Examples Of Our Past ProjectsCNC Swiss Machining of an
Eye Glass Repair Tool
Screw Machining of a
Check Valve Assembly
CNC Turning of a Regulator ShaftCNC Machining of an
Expansion Coupler
CNC Swiss Machining of a
Missile Latch Bolt Assembly
CNC Machining of a Down Hole
Nose Guide
CNC Swiss Machining of a
Banjo Tuning Machine

View Examples of Our CNC Machined, CNC Turning, & CNC Swiss Machining Past Projects

68 years of nonstop fabricating haven’t worn us down as a company; in fact they’ve made us continually stronger. The parts we are able to manufacture are essentially limited only to the specifications of your request. Our portfolio gallery serves as testimony to our adeptness at engineering and manufacturing. We’ve machined parts for industries as various as musical instruments, oil exploration, electrical hardware, HVAC systems, and defense. We will happily take on your specific order as well. For further inquiries, you can call us at (860) 379-2725, request a quote at, or continue browsing our site.